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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Where does the time go? Mostly on persuading you all to complete surveys!

There are still a few days if you want to listen to me presenting the Daily Service on BBC Radio 4. The theme is divine economics, and I talk about goldfinches and space and who decides what we value and why. (A brief FAQ: Did you choose the music, Vicky? Answer: I did not.)

RLL sky

Thank you for being trusting souls / good sports and sharing your thoughts and experiences over the last few months. The Real Life Love survey had nearly 1500 responses by the time I closed it in January. That’s a lot of stories. I’m now buried under piles of other people’s books about relationships, history, linguistics, and philosophy as well as muchos data. If you missed the survey and have thoughts to share, you can get in touch anonymously via this link. And if you’re a Christian in a relationship with someone who isn’t, there’s an extra little survey here if you’d like to tell me how that is. Anonymously, of course. For very occasional general news and updates on the project and book, there’s a mailing list sign up here.

My website is updated with all kinds of links to things written and spoken. Have a look here if you’re interested. I’ve mostly been engrossed in Real Life Love research since I last remembered I had a blog but here’s a little piece on gentrification I wrote earlier this year.

Til we meet again…