After three long years, Relatable: Exploring God, Love and Connection in the Age of Choice (to give it it’s full name) arrived in May. Somehow it’s already been out in the world for a month! It all started with a survey – the Real Life Love survey, eventually completed by nearly 1500 people – and turned into a journey of discovery. About the history of marriage, the ‘science’ that may or may not tell us about women and men, the numbers gap in church, how technology is affecting relationships and human interaction in general, how dating is changing and lots more. I’ve been genuinely delighted and honoured at the lovely people who’ve given endorsements for the book. Here are just a couple:

“Relatable is a brilliant, encouraging, revealing, informative and fascinating look at the history up to current times of relationships between men and women in church. I love Vicky’s humour, which brings a lightness to what can be a very intense subject… Very excited to see this book out there and cannot recommend it strongly enough!”  – Katharine Welby-Roberts, speaker and author of I Thought There Would be Cake

“Through wit, candour, and fresh research, Vicky Walker gives us not another how-to-get-hitched book, but a snapshot of varied opinions on modern day love, partnering and matrimony. The results are enlightening, sometimes concerning, and always educational, providing a necessary critique of much relationship advice and the distortions they can carry…a helpful resource.”Sheridan Voysey, writer, speaker, broadcaster, and author of The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

“Of all of the confusing things I experienced growing up “on fire for Jesus,” the way faith leaders talked about love and relationships was among the blurriest. Sexual purity seemed to be oddly conjoined with “real” faith, and this led, for me, to all kinds of shame and fear and unkindness. Relatable offers a way through all of the mis-information and slanted theology about love, sex, and marriage present in Christian culture. Drawing from a deep well of resources, including church history, cultural constructs, and a broad range of interviews, Vicky Walker helps readers think through the complexities of relationships in a way that leads to wholeness.” – Addie Zierman, writer and author of ‘When We Were On Fire’

I would love to know what you think of it all – and for you to join in the conversation and share your thoughts. If you’re a tweeter, there’s a Relatable account, and a #RelatableBook hashtag. You can follow on Instagram too for reviews, events, media and much more. It’s very exciting to see pictures of the book making it’s way across the world – Austria and Australia have been represented, among other places. Looking forward to seeing where’s next!

You can buy the book directly from me – and get a free bookmark! – on my website. Or you can order from Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) Waterstones, Wordery, Eden and other lovely book-selling places. Please do leave a review on Amazon (which you can do no matter where you bought the book), as this helps to spread the word! I’ll post lots of the media coverage of Relatable soon. It’s prompted some very interesting conversations…