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Monthly Archives: October 2019

RelatablePNG podcastDoes avoiding physically intimacy before marriage make for a great relationship after? That’s one of the big ‘sales pitches’ often given to young Christians but does anyone take it seriously? In the first full episode of the Relatable Podcast, I talk to Australian performer Lara Pilcher who didn’t kiss her husband Andrew until their wedding day, thirteen years ago. What led them to that decision? What happened next? Have they changed their views since then? Would they recommend their relationship choices to others?


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‘Relatable: Exploring God, Love and Connection in the Age of Choice’ has been out in the world since May and starting lots of great conversations. It’s been a privilege to hear the responses, read the reviews and see the brilliant photos of all the places it’s travelled to (it’s definitely had more adventures than me this summer…). Find out more here if you’d like to – and please do keep leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads etc – they all help to spread the word.

RelatablePNG podcastThe great response has inspired me to carry on asking questions (which was always likely as I’m pretty nosey…). So I’m very pleased to let you know the Relatable Podcast is about to happen! There’s a little trailer here: and you’ll soon be able to find it wherever you get your podcasts. Each episode is an interview with a very interesting person, talking honestly and openly about how their faith and relationship choices have unfolded and their stories are fascinating. Love, sex, celibacy, singleness, marriage, men’s and women’s roles, dating, and what difference faith makes to all of it – it’s all there! In the first episode I’m going in search of the answer to question ‘Why would a couple not kiss until their wedding day and what happens after?’ A woman who has lived the story tells me all about it…

I’d love it if you’d give it a whirl! Please do subscribe and prepare yourself (emotionally, physically, spiritually – whatever you need to do) for the first episode, coming very soon. As ever you can follow Relatable conversations on social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  using #RelatableBook or now #RelatablePodcast